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Religious tourism In Uganda

Uganda is one of the gifted God fearing countries with a variety of religions majorly subdivided into three categories that is to say;moslems,christians and traditionalists.

In line with the religious tourism in uganda let me tell you a story about some early christians who later became good examples to the current church,as well historical in uganda it is also remembered and celebrated every year and occurs every 3rd june…….

Once upon atime there was agreat community with one tribe,belief,leader and all shared work as well as responsibilities among each other.There was only one leader that was the king and he lead all communal functions as well prayer since all had one faith.The king later got to know about people that knew how to read and write so through few servants that knew how to writer,they wrote a message to this special group inviting them to come and teach his people.The invited guests were so happy and delighted to come and they set off for their long journey from mombasa and had ship wreck in mwanza where they set up the first campasthey planned on how to reach to their final destination.Later they started off again through the shores until they reached a great lake that was commonly known as NALUBAALE that lead them to entebbe where they set up another camp.At this camp,they set up building called church(Kigungu catholic church,the first church in uganda)they had also carried some tree seeds from mombasa and planted atree in memory of their stay in entebbe.They finally got to the palace and they were welcomed warmly since they were the king’s guests. They started off their work of teaching people how to read and write and they also taught them that there was another God besides the one they knew and this God was not seen yet He’s everywhere.The people slowly turned from their traditional gods and worship that was led by the king to this new God of the whites this didn’t make the king happy at all.So he sends away all the missionaries and makes anew law where all people are supposed to worship traditionally or die. Some people saved their lives and obeyed however there were a few that had understood God and were not willing to turn back. The king orders an execution to these disobedient people through his faithful servant Mukaajanga and these people,not segregating age,size,gender were burnt as a sign to anywho disobeys the king.There are those who chose to for soliderity of the ones being killed.

Until to date,this event is celebrated in uganda and in the roman catholic church history where it was officiated from january to 3rd june.On this date,several believer make pilgrim journeys from every part of the country to Namugongo martyrs shrine(head base of worship) starting from early May several groups of beleivers reach the shrine in preparation to this great day……….

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