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The palace of Buganda Kingdom in Uganda

Just like any other kingdom else where so is the buganda kingdom with all the character traits that make up akingdom.There are so many palaces that belong to the buganda kingdom with in the central part fo uganda where the kingdom is found,some are for duty,homestay,celebrations among others.

Let’s talk about the palace of Mengo specifically,this place has alot of history around it some of which led to the recaring outcomes seen even today.This place is located on one of the seven hills that make up the great capital city kampala.It was found by the late kabaka Mwanga in 1885 since it was a culture for the reigning kings to build their own palaces and they mostly located them along hills for security purposes and strategic location of the place.On this hill were the clan of hippopotamus locally named,”envubu” these were well known as doctors/herbalists and they had all they used during the processing of medicine on this hill long before the king going to this hill so this hill belonged to the clan.

The king built his grass thatched house on this hill making it his palace.However oneday,the kings house caught fire during the night so the king ran away and went to his vice locally known as the “katiikiro” as research was carried out to know the cause of the fire outbreak.It was later discovered that the people of the hippo clan were not happy with king taking away their hill where they carried out their work from..

The king got furious and sent these people away with all their belongings.This place had grinding stones which were used in grinding the medicines,one stone is called “olubengo” and if they are many they’re called “Mengo” thus the origin of the name Mengo to the palace and hill.

This place is now recontructed with a good condition building which was built by the late king Daudi Chwa who got a chance to travel and stay in the western part of the world,he got exposed to the new buildings,way of life,education among others so when he came back to Uganda,he built the current palace of Mengo……

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